Manutti Air 3 Seater Sofa



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Manutti Air 3 Seater Sofa

Firstly, the manutti air 3 seater sofa is a lounge collection with big, comfortable cushions. Which serves as an invitation for a cosy get-together. It also acts as a real eye-catcher on the patio or in the house. In addition, the collection effortlessly adjusts to any style.

Most note worthy, the version is in powder coated stainless steel and with exotic iroko wood top plate. Hence the collection emanates a charming warmth that smoothly takes you back to the 70s.

Furthermore, the option with aluminum top plate creates a contemporary and austere style. Also, the air seduces people and turns every moment into a genuine outdoor party.

Manutti’s Air 3 seater sofa has a sleek and clean-cut design, full of character.

The manutti air 3 seater sofa is available to be viewed, click here to view the complete manutti collection

Frame: Lava + Iroko F10IR

Features: Modular system
Options: LED lighting available

Dimensions : In Inches

Width: 103.94
Height: 29.53
Depth: 94.09