Manutti Luna Illuminating Dining Table

The Luna extending garden table from high end modern garden furniture manufacturer Manutti, Belgium is made with very high quality materials and designed to last for years. All materials used are fit to withstand the harshest weather conditions. This table also comes with an optional, remote controlled LED lighting strip.

This versatile garden table has twelve options for the finishes of the table top and three different colours available for the base. The main image shows the the acid etched glass top in taupe and the base in anodized aluminium with the LED light strip. The first detailed image shows the table in ceramic silk grey with the base in lava. The second detailed image shows the ceramic charcoal top.


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Modern Rectangular Aluminum Illuminating Dining Table

Modern Rectangular Aluminum Illuminating Dining Table  comes from the Luna collection. The Luna table can be extended and has a backlit LED base. In addition, the cleanness of the lines means they can be combined with the most beautiful seats in the collection.

Stainless steel furniture

• Stainless Steel Cleaner & Restorer: cleans stainless steel, restoring it to its original condition.

• Stainless Steel Wax Protector: removes surface oxidation deposits on stainless steel and prevents the furniture from developing oxidation stains.

Natural Stone

• Stone Cleaner: removes stains such as wine, marker pen, oil and mould on the surface of natural stone.

• Stone Stain Protector: penetrates natural stone to protect the surface against grease, damp and dirt. Does not gloss and allows the stone to breathe. Does not or barely fade.

• Stone Colour Refresher: restores and deepens the colour of worn, dark natural stone such as Belgian limestone, granite and nero satingo. Caution: use this product before the Stone Stain Protector or it can no longer penetrate the stone.

• Grease and Oil Remover for stone: removes absorbed stains and impurities from natural stone. Caution: do not use on Caramel granite.

Style Options:

Frame: Anodised Aluminium ANA

Options: LED lighting available, protective cover



Width (closed): 94.49
Width (open): 141.73
Height: 29.92
Depth: 39.37