Kettal Vieques Dining Table

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Modern Teak Aluminum Rectangular Dining Table

Modern Teak Aluminum Rectangular Dining Table comes from the Vieques collection and is designed by Patricia Urquiola.

An authority in the production of superior garden furniture and outdoor pieces, this Barcelona based brand has been around since 1964. As soon as it was launched, the ethos of this manufacturer has always been about design and pushing the boundaries of function and usability. One of the keenest areas of focus for the manufacturer is in the research and development stage, setting new standards in creativity and performance. The Vieques Dining Table Teak 160x101cm has passed this exacting process with flying colors.

Patricia Urquiola brings her signature style to the Vieques Dining Table Teak 160x101cm, granting a relatively simple, yet functional piece a distinctive look and classic craft aesthetic. Made from sustainable teak with durable aluminium reinforcement, this impressive table is eco-friendly and has been built with the utmost attention to ensure it stands the test of time. It’ll take pride of place in your garden, transforming your outdoor spaces into al fresco dining areas where you can dine with the family or socialize with friends.


Length: 63 ”
Width: 40 ”
Height: 29.1 ”