Cruise Upcycled Sail Dining Chair

Cruise Upcycled Sailcloth Folding Dining Chair luxury sail design furniture.

Sails with a history transformed into a contemporary collection of floating beanbags and loungers, armchairs, dining and bar stools, tables and more…truly unique and inspiring. Each piece is tagged with the name of original sail boat, sail maker and port to which it belonged.

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Cruise upcycled sailcloth folding dining chair

Cruise Dining Chair uses upcycled sails and marine plywood  in an incredibly fresh design. These chairs easily fold and even have custom wall racks available deigned specifically for easy storage.

Perfect for sail aficionados and yachting.

Style and Options:

Sail, Marine plywood, Sycamore

The MP&S (Marine Plywood & Sails) complete collection consists of seven items: two stools, three chairs, and two easy chairs. They all consist of a plywood frame that supports the fabrics manufactured from cutting up recovered sails from ships. The two materials used are particularly suitable for outdoor use.

The items of the collection have been inspired by traditional folding outdoor and beach furniture in a reinterpretation of common pieces of furniture. The plastic language of the collection is strongly defined by the characteristic construction of the folding structures and the special way of achieving a folding hinge. The intensive folding and piling up of the items means that they can be collected and stored in a small space.

The wooden parts are constructed based on marine boards that are traditionally used in ship construction. The material used is birch plywood glued with phenolic resins that are broken up in a milling plotter by a numerical control which allows the material to be used to the full. The fabrics are sewn by hand as from the cutting up of the most expressive areas of the sails, which means that each piece is unique; the pieces are labeled one by one with the details of the origin of the sail


  • Recycled repurposed upcycle Sail
  • Plywood marine board and bars of sycamore wood

Dimensions: Cruise upcycled sailcloth folding dining chair

  • Length: 19.7 in
  • Width: 16.5 in
  • Height: 33.6 in

Each sail is used to produce a limited series of products, and all of them are tagged with an inscription that provides information regarding the sail ́s origins: the port it comes from, the ship, the type o sail, the original manufacturer and its numbering edition.

Some sails or parts of them have certain esthetic qualities (marks, sailmaker logos, numbers, different colors, that make them very special. These unique pieces emphasize their beauty and characteristics.