Ella Dining Chair

Perfectly able to fit into any design aesthetic, the Ella Retro Wicker Chair stuns with its sleek form, and comfortable seating, designed using quality stainless steel and synthetic rattan that will complete any indoor/outdoor dining area. 

  • Ideal for residential, contract, and hospitality. 

Delivery: Standard FOB 

  • 2 weeks express
  • 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container or custom order
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Modern Aluminum Rope Dining Retro Wicker Chair

  • Crafted using stainless steel and synthetic rattan, our retro wicker chair is a stunning addition to any room.
  • The seating area is ergonomically structured allowing for maximum comfort. 
  • The sleek frame of the retro wicker chair is made from stainless steel providing long-lasting durability and protection against rust.
  • The synthetic rattan is 100% polypropylene, a synthetic fiber that is very resistant to abrasion and scarcely absorbs moisture, providing comfort and is perfectly suited to outdoor use.
  • Ideal for Hospitality, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurant, or Residential Luxury Design.

Also available:

  • The rattan weave of the retro wicker chair is available in four different patterns giving greater creativity to complete any design concept.
  • Color options for the weaving available: Cream-Fishbone, (PR3) Ash Black, (PM1) Silver, (PM2) Grey, (PM3) Taupe, and (PM4) Black weaving.

Collection dimensions:

  • 24″ x 22″ x 31″

With an option for fine brush or matte black and powder coated stainless steel

•  1×1 – There is one vertical strap for every horizontal strap. 1×1 weaving can be made sparse, creating an open weaving similar to those found in tennis racquets.
•  2×1 – This is the most common weaving pattern, as it can be done with every profile. 2×1 means that there is one horizontal strap going for every 2 vertical straps.
•  Fishbone – also known as a 3×3 weaving, this creates a densely packed, double-layered pattern. When woven using at least two colours in a certain way, it can be used to create a houndstooth pattern.
•  Octagonal – refers to the shape of the opening or negative space created by this traditional weaving pattern. The octagonal weave can be reasonably challenging on curved frames.