Apple Small by Couture Outdoor


A stunning centerpiece for any table or bold decorative touch to any room, the Apple Colors by Couture Outdoor is exclusive to our catalog. With a variety of vibrant colors and sizes to choose from, our decorative apples make a modern statement. 

  • Ideal for residential, contract, and hospitality. 

Delivery: Standard FOB 

  • 2 weeks express
  • 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container or custom order
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Decorative Apples Color by Couture Outdoor

  • The decorative apple is made from lightweight polymer molds that feel rubber-like to the touch.
  • Though the decorative apple is designed for indoors, it can be used outdoors, though extended outdoor exposure may lead to faster wearing. 
  • Strongly suggested to keep them out of water.
  • Available in a variety of bold colors and sizes. 
  • Ideal for Hospitality, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurant, or Residential Luxury Design.

Collection dimensions and pricing:

  • Sizes   LG 12×15″   white blue fuchsia yellow-orange  $145
  • MD 10×11″   blue fuchsia yellow orange green turquoise   $125
  • SM 7×8.5″   fuchsia orange green turquoise $95
  • XS    5″        blue fuchsia yellow-orange $69