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This bio fireplace is perfect both indoors and outdoors. The product is extremely safe, because of the technical solutions introduced in the burner. As a result to prevent the fuel from leaking is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibers. Even in case of seismic activity or pushing the device over. It Is ensured by the highest quality materials used in the production process for Its resistance to weather conditions 

Perfect for all kinds of interiors, private, as well as commercial, e.g. hotels, restaurants and bars. But it is also suitable for outdoor areas, such as gardens and patios. This fireplace which can be both indoor and outdoor. Depending on what you want.

Its resistance to weather conditions and weighs about 40 pounds it can burn up to 3 – 7 hours.
Its that perfect touch of flare to spice up the evening.



X: 400 mm / 15 3/4”    Y: 1590 mm / 62 5/8”    Z: 400 mm / 15 3/4

Technical Data:

Capacity: 1,5 L / [US] 0,39 gal / [UK] 0,33 gal

Burning Time: 3 – 7 h

Heat Output: 2,5 kW / 8547 BTU

Net Weight: 18 kg /40 lbs  

Air Circulation: min. 1/h

Minimum Room Size: 52 m3 / 1836 ft3 (20 m2 / 215 ft2 with a height of 2.6 m / 8.53 ft)

Finish Burner: stainless steel

Casing: fibreglass polyester laminate white gloss (RAL 9010), glass tube