Outdoor Shower Solar Stainless Steel


Ultra-modern in look but extremely soothing to use, our Outdoor Solar Shower is 100% powered by solar energy. With the ability to be placed anywhere, our outdoor solar shower is stylish with its veneer of weather-resistant stainless steel and shatterproof glass.

  • Ideal for residential, contract, and hospitality. 

Delivery: Standard FOB 

  • 2 weeks express
  • 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container or custom order
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Stainless Steel Outdoor Solar Shower

  • Stunningly combining stainless steel and shatterproof glass, our outdoor solar shower provides protection against all weather conditions while easily being placed anywhere, both indoor and outdoor. 
  • Parts of the outdoor solar shower use stainless steel providing long-lasting durability and protection against rust.
  • Features an aluminum head and hand shower head to resist wear from water and all weather conditions. 
  • Design elements available in black or white shatterproof glass or stone faces.
  • The Outdoor Solar Shower provides a cold, warm, or hot shower.
  • Provides up to 20 minutes’ worth of hot water heated by the sun with a water tank volume of 25 liters. 
  • This elegant outdoor shower operates entirely using solar power, meaning it can be used anywhere. 
  • Easily connects to a garden hose for its water supply. 
  • Ideal for Hospitality, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurant, or Residential Luxury Design.

Collection dimensions and pricing: 

  • Stainless steel 304
  • Shatterproof glass 8 mm
  • Water tank aluminum (volume approx. 25 l)
  • Price: $2,965