Vondom Pillow Club Chair

With comfort, an good looks in mind. These chairs are perfect for a party or even just lounging. With its soft looking edges, and bold design. This chair is a must have!

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Modern Pillow Illuminating LED Club Chair

Modern Pillow Illuminating LED Club Chair features an amusing gesture with comfort and lights. Stefano Giovannoni, one of the World’s most prestigious designers, designs a great furniture collection that forms a chillout space created by means of cushions. With a warm, Mediterranean design that holds that universal appeal common to all of master Giovannoni’s creations it calls us to come relax and enjoy life. As every VONDOM product, it is suitable for outside use, even in the most extreme weather conditions since it is made of PE using the rotational molding technique. These are exclusive items of furniture that make people live and feel, that encourage human contact and peaceful conversation.


  • Pillow collection
  • Designed by Stefano Giovanoni and Elisa Gargan
  • Illuminated LED Furniture available in White Light and RGB Led
  • Outdoor furniture specified for coastal, pool furniture, commercially rated for restaurant dining chair and tables, and designed as illuminated night club furniture
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Finish: Ice
  • Available in 3 lighting types: White light, RGB LED, RGB LED Cordless


35.27 pounds


82 x 94 x 75 cm

32 1/4″ x 37″ x 29 1/2″


White, Lacquered, LED