Vondom Biophilia Illuminating Club Chair

This lounge chair is gorgeous sleek and stylish. And comes a multitude of ways, one being regular flat white or lacquered with the gold underneath. Or if you want a true pop of style you can get the LED featured one, perfect for nights out.

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Modern LED Light White Club Chair

Modern LED Light White Club Chair comes from the Biophilia collection. The BIOPHILIA Collection explores a new avenue of design that forms a dialogue between time, shape and space. It combines the trend-setting natural design of the Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi.

VONDOM’s expertise in advanced rotational moulding technology and the ongoing line of research of digital transference into contemporary design. Taken out of craft and into the 21st century’s progressive domain of polymerization and industry, BIOPHILIA is a collection that acknowledges this lineage but pushes the boundaries between material structure and shape into a new modern territory as yet unseen, diametrically opposed to modernism in its expressions.


65 x 91 x 76 cm

25 1/2″ x 35 3/4″ x 30″


33.07 pounds