Walter Wicker Dining Chair

Walter is a classic and elegant dining chair made with seat cushion available and aged wicker.

Great for Restaurants and Hospitality use.

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Modern Aluminum Wicker Dining Chair

Modern aluminum wicker dining chair is a magnificent decor of swooping curves, which exposes a vibrant multi-tone feature. It also offers an accent of both stylishness and comfortability, fit for any space.

The modern aluminum wicker dining chair comes with an all-weather cushions. This means fast drying foam and UV-stable fabrics which can be left outside in the sun and rain. The cushion covers can also be removed and washed when dirty. Our Houston collection comes with dining chairs, dining tables, chaise loungers, sofas, coffee tables and daybeds. These aforementioned attributes are what makes it perfect for any Hotel or any Hospitality project.

The elegant lines of this collection, combining water-repellent fabrics and synthetic aged rattan cane work in natural tones, exude timeless appeal. The sofas can be mixed and matched as you like. The inviting loungers are perfect for relaxing by the pool. The armchairs recently welcomed a new version with a curved back designed for optimum comfort, made for conversations with friends, complete with pouffes and coffee tables filled with a feast of delicious food.


Wicker is a technique for making products woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials, a generic name for the materials used in such manufacture, and a term for the items so produced. The word wicker is believed to be of Scandinavian origin: vika which means to bend in Swedish, and vikker meaning willow. Wicker is traditionally made of material of plant origin, such as rattan, willow, reed, and bamboo, but synthetic fibers are now also used. Wicker is light yet sturdy, making it suitable for items that will be moved often like porch and patio furniture.

Dimensions: Modern Aluminum Wicker Dining Chair

  • 26 ” x 28.3 ” x 33.9 ”
  • 17.3 ” (Seat Height)

Lead time delivery

  • Warehouse approx 2 weeks express shipping, 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container order