Automatic Flow Retractable Louvre Custom Pergola

Flow is a packable slat system that allows you to open a window to the sky while keeping the space above it completely free.

In case of rain, the immediate motorized closing of the slats guarantees perfect water tightness. The system is designed complete with supporting structure or on request, only the packable cover can be supplied.

The opening surface as well as the dimensions of the spans vary according to the model chosen. Flow is made on a project basis based on the dimensions requested by the customer, to satisfy any particular need or situation on the construction site.

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Flow is a retractable custom roof system for covering allows you to open a window on the sky. Rain censors immediately motorized closing of the slats makes it perfectly watertight. The system is designed complete with a load-bearing structure or, on request, only the retractable covering can be supplied. The opening surface of the roof as well as the dimensions of the spans vary according to the model chosen.

The uniqueness of the Fold system is the retractability of the covering slats which, sliding along the tracks, are folded up, thus leaving the space above free.

Thanks to the motorized control of the Flow covering, which can be remote controlled by radio frequency remote control, it is possible to operate the different modules independently. In case of rain, a special sensor automatically closes the covering.

By applying the special seaside anti-salt treatment to the structures, the perfect maintenance of the product over time is guaranteed, even in conditions of extreme proximity to the sea.

The structures and coverings can be customized in RAL.

Integration of sliding windows, motorized roller sunlight blind screen, remote control by radio
frequency, lighting systems to orientable spotlights or LED strips, to those of air conditioning such as fans or heating

The cover folds up and disappears completely, leaving the underlying space free, thus enhancing the structure
as an architectural element.

The perfectly horizontal structures allow the installation of all-glass sliding or fold-back windows and vertical roller blinds, even on spans of over 8 meters.

The supporting beams of the covering are made of a steel blade that is curved in the lower part for the insertion of the track and for draining the water.

Our team works in close connection with the end-users trying to satisfy all their design needs, ensuring products that
meet the high aesthetic and functional standards of the company.

All Custom systems require a 15/20cm cement base for anchoring.

Systems will be constructed with high quality aluminum or steel. All specifics will be discussed during initial consultation.

Due to the full customization of our pergolas, a consultation MUST be completed before a price can be quoted.