Conic Sectional Modular Sofa by Cane-line

The conic 2 seater module sofa can be used in many different ways, both if it is used as a solitaire piece of garden furniture or as a part of a bigger Conic modular lounge group that you are able to create with the different modules in the series. Conic excels with its high level of comfort and great flexibility.

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The new connection system supports the great flexibility and allows for an easy redesign of the terrace or garden. The color concept of the Conic series combined with the transparent look assures it to fit into many places. Adding the Conic coffee table will bring a practical and elegant division between modules. The On-the-move tray tables, either in the small or large version, will fit perfectly as a small side tables along with the series. Conic represents a highly relaxed and luxurious style that will enhance exterior areas with a  timeless and contemporary atmosphere. The 2 seater Conic module comes with all-weather cushions, that allows the cushions to drain after a rain shower and thereby maximizing the time one can enjoy the furniture.


2 Seater Corner Pieces, Middle Section & Daybed  

Corner & Daybed       Middle               Chaise            Coffee Tables L&S

W: 140 cm                  W: 80 cm           W: 78 cm           W: 81 cm   W: 71 cm
H: 74 cm                     H: 74 cm            H: 83 cm           H: 43 cm    H: 35 cm
D: 82 cm                     D: 82 cm            D: 220cm          D: 81 cm    D: 71 cm
SH: 42 cm                  SH: 42 cm         SH: 40 cm

This Conic sectional modular sofa includes: Taupe 5 pieces Sofa

  • 3x 2 seater sofa (photo shows only 2), 1 Daybed, 1 middle piece
  • The 2 seater module sofa with Textilene Maintenance-Free Cushions with QUICK-DRY FOAM  inserts. It has great flexibility and can be used in either a bigger lounge group or a smaller group. Perfect for creating an outdoor lounge area.
  • Matching chaise lounger with gas spring
  • Coordinating coffee tables and side tables