Ace Picnic Table


The classic feeling of having a picnic with friends has been modernized with a slick and collective look. This modern picnic table is perfect for any beach restaurant, hotel, beach house or outdoor environment.

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Ace Aluminum Picnic Table Stile Houston

The aluminum picnic table is simple but sleek. It offers cohesion and space to its users which adds to its functionality. Additionally, it demonstrates refined and thoughtful design features with its rectangular table tops and seats. If you take a look at the table you may observe that the table top and its respective seats on either sides measure the same. Giving you the customer ample space for an array of food to decorate the table. Importantly, the stretch of the seats make it possible for up to 8 people to fit comfortably with its 94” length.

Also, the feet apart stance of the table base gives the table adequate space between the table top and the table seats. Making it very easy and comfortable to sit down and get up from the table.

Power Coated Aluminum

Powder coating is considered to be the ideal method of decorating and protecting aluminum products. This can be achieved by electrostatically spraying and fusing the mixture of pigments and resins onto a surface. A high-quality, extremely durable finish will be the result. This will eventually extend the life of your metal. The aforementioned is exactly what you will receive with a purchase of this picnic table.

Dimensions: 94″ x 65″ x 28″

Stock Powder coated aluminum

Price: $2995 white only