Pisces Acrylic LED Pool Fountain

Give pools the spa treatment with the Acrylic LED Pool Fountain, transforming the ordinary to contemporary sophistication. The sleek design of acrylic glass provides the perfect escape for the tranquil flowing water. And with a variety of colored LED lights to choose from, the fountain can easily fit any decor. 

  • Ideal for residential, contract, and hospitality. 

Delivery: Standard FOB 

  • 2 weeks express
  • 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container or custom order
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Pisces Acrylic LED Pool Fountain

  • The modern Acrylic LED Pool Fountain is designed using acrylic glass, making the fountain fully weather resistant. 
  • The acrylic glass is 8 mm thick providing resistance against breaking. 
  • The LED Pool Fountain connects to an external water source using a 1 ½” thread.
  • LED is included in a variety of RGB colors with a 3m adapter cable. 
  • Ideal for Hospitality, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurant, or Residential Luxury Design.

Collection dimensions and pricing: 

  • Acrylic glass 8mm thick
  • Height 665 mm
  • Spout width 609 mm
  • (remote control) 230-V air compressor