Manutti Air Coffee Table

Manutti air coffee table can also be used as a footstool as it comes with an optional cushion. The base is made of powder coated . You can choose the base in lava, with the top plate in lava aluminium. Alternatively you can have a stylish Iroko wood top plate, which comes with the base in lava or white.

The option with aluminum top plate creates a contemporary and austere style. Air seduces people and turns every moment into a genuine outdoor party. Manutti’s Air table has a sleek and clean-cut design, full of character. This dining table comes in two sizes and can be equipped with two table tops: iroko hardwood or ceramic.

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Style Options:

There is optional built in LED lighting, which gives a beautiful effect at night time.

  • Frame: Lava + Iroko F10IR
  • Features: Modular system
  • Options: LED lighting available


  • Width: 51.97
  • Height: 7.48
  • Depth: 42.13
  • Seat height: 7.48
  • Cushion thickness: 7.09

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