Picnic Table 118

The classic feeling of having a picnic with friends has been modernized with a slick and collective look. This modern picnic table is perfect for any beach restaurant, hotel, beach house or outdoor environment.

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Modern Aluminum Teak Picnic Table

The modern aluminum teak picnic table is simple but sleek. It offers cohesion and space to its users which adds to its functionality. Additionally, it demonstrates refined and thoughtful design features with its rectangular table tops and seats. If you take a look at the table you may observe that the table top and its respective seats on either sides measure the same. Hence, giving you the customer ample space for an array of food to decorate the table. Importantly, the stretch of the seats make it possible for up to 8 people to fit comfortably with its 94” length. Making this table perfect for a small family or friend get together.

Also, the feet apart stance of the table base gives the table adequate space between the table top and the table seats. Making it very easy and comfortable to sit down and get up from the table. This table is made from both teak and power coated aluminum.

Power Coated Aluminum:

Powder coating is considered to be the ideal method of decorating and protecting aluminum products. This can be achieved by electrostatically spraying and fusing the mixture of pigments and resins onto a surface. A high-quality, extremely durable finish will be the result. This will eventually extend the life of your metal. The aforementioned is exactly what you will receive with a purchase of this picnic table.

Teak is said to be a perfect material for outdoor applications including garden furniture. This tropical hardwood that is native to the Far East is extremely strong, durable. importantly, it is naturally resistant to outdoor elements including rain, UV light, rapid temperature changes, wood eating insects, etc. If left outdoors year round without any protection, teak garden furniture remains unaffected. This is usually when it comes to the beauty and durability of the wood.

Teak Grades

Teak wood is available in three different quality grades which play the key role in outdoor performance and durability. It is therefore highly important to know what is the difference between teak grades and how to distinguish between them.

Grade A Teak

This is the highest quality teak wood referring to timber taken from the center of a fully mature tree. Grade A teak can be recognized by a golden brown color, close grains and a glossy surface. It is high in teak natural oils which play the key role in its outstanding resistance to outdoor elements. Unfortunately, it makes up only about a fifth to one quarter of the log and as a result, it has a high price.

Grade B Teak

This is timber from the outer heartwood section, making up about one fourth to one third of the log. In comparison to grade A teak, grade B teak has a lighter colour, uneven grain and less shine. It contains only traces of teak natural oils. As a result, it is unable to withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes without protective treatments. But, even then it doesn’t last even close as long as furniture made from the highest quality teak.

Grade C Teak

This is an inferior quality teak wood which refers to timber from the outer sections of a mature log (sapwood) and logs of immature trees. Grade C teak contains virtually no teak natural protective oils. Which also has a very uneven color and is easily damaged because it is very soft. Furniture that is made from grade C teak is even considered unsuitable for indoor use because of its softness. Hence making it highly susceptible to damage. Although it is taken from the very same tree species, grade C teak has no similarity to the highest quality teak. Which is neither in regard to outdoor performance, beauty or durability. Grade C teak garden furniture is relatively inexpensive but it has a very short lifespan even if it is treated with protective coating or periodically oiled.

Lead-Time delivery

  • Warehouse approx. 2 weeks express shipping, 6-12 weeks sea freight
  • 18-24 weeks container order

Dimensions: Modern Aluminum Teak Picnic Table

Powder coated aluminum with teak Inserted slats 118″ x 68″ x 28″

Price: $8,600