Garden Ease Lounge Side Table


EASY Sleek Refinement

Beautiful stainless steel in combination with a low height and a modern form makes a glorious and great example of a pure modern sensation, that is sure to whisk you away in to your oasis of perfection.

Combine with our Garden Ease outdoor shower, bar-cart, chaise loungers, daybed, sofa seating, dining, bar, for the ultimate modern dream home!

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Revolutionizing today’s modern home and yachts with sleek modular outdoor kitchens and grills. Choose your customized combination of charcoal and gas (1,2 & 3 burners), pizza oven, sink, prep counters and storage shelves and our Sonic Boom grill using bass speakers to control charcoal temp.

A club chair, two and three seater sofas, chaise loungers, bar cart, outdoor shower and towel rack complete this collection in black powder coated aluminum with sleek teak details and comfy outdoor cushions.

Style and Options:

Stainless steel, Aluminum


  • Length: 19.5in
  • Depth: 19.5in
  • Height: 14in

Weight: 28 lb



  • Side Table: $909