Apple Sizes Couture Outdoor

Applesolutely Delicious Decor!

The iconic Big Apples are exclusive to Couture Outdoor. Choose from luscious palettes of glossy, saturated color in four sizes that range from Sweet to Statement.

Use for dining or coffee table centerpiece, tabletop design, kitchen, guest room, cabana, powder room, or as event decor, pop-art curations, epic hostess, birthday, house warming and thank-you gifts that will inspire friends and family.

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Couture Outdoor ships to interior designers and private clients in New York NY, Greenwich CT, Palm Beach FL, Miami FL, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, Rancho Sante Fe CA, St Barth and anywhere worldwide.

Specifically designed for indoor use, most people prefer to use them outside and watch as they naturally fade into beautiful ombre colors.

Made of lightweight, polymer molds that feel rubber-like at touch.

Sizes   LG 12×15″   white blue fuchsia yellow orange  $145

MD 10×11″   blue fuchsia yellow orange green turquoise   $125

SM 7×8.5″   fuchsia orange green turquoise $95

XS    5″        blue fuchsia yellow orange $69

Note: Extended outdoor exposure may lead to faster wearing. We suggest keeping them out of water.